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The Project

The preservation of the ancient camp and especially of the camp chapel of the barbed wire seminary in Le Coudray near Chartres (Biography of Franz Stock, Barbed Wire Seminary) has been, for a long period of time, an aspiration of the three Franz Stock committees in Germany and France. It has been their aim to purchase the premises, to restore the old camp chapel, a monument to be protected, and to create an European Meeting Place in the spirit of the German-French friendship treaty. The project was deadlocked for a longer period of time pending clarification of the future ownership title for the (former) military area as well as the question of a joint concept for its use and in particular its overall financing:

Our French partners have now succeeded in obtaining the assistance of Mr. Villeroy de Galhau as driving force for the realization of this plan. As former president and director of Messrs. Villeroy & Boch in France he disposes of enormous experience and far reaching personal contacts which make us confident to carry out our plan within an acceptable period of time.

At this juncture you are cordially invited to make your comprehensive acquaintance our project.

With the moral support of the honorary committee, which comprises personalities of different social groups, we wish:

– after purchase of the building and its direct surroundings to prepare for an access road.
– to restore the building.

Precedence is given to maintain its essential structure and to present the history of this camp/seminary; In its type a unique memorial would be created. This should be achieved by construction of an „explanatory road“, on which one would traverse the most important living quarters of the camp, bordered by exhibition of documents and reminiscences of past events.

  • To provide adequate facilities for visitors and pilgrims or researchers, to wit a modern conference hall, a foyer, simple lodging accommodations.
  • A library and an archive hall will be on hand for students and researchers.
  • The object will be to create this place in a lively manner, i.e. by events suggested and accompanied, for example, by:
  • Visits, especially of young people (pupils, students)
  • Permanent or temporary exhibitions about Franz STOCK
  • Pilgrimages of reminiscence and forgiveness
  • Conferences for information and further education about:
    • the German-French culture in their actual dynamics
    • philosophical and religious research for to-day and to-morrow
    • reinforcement of mutual historic knowledge
    • the different cultures and their wealth
    • command of technical development serving all men
    • reconciliation of conflicting economical and social spheres of life in the context of the XXI. Century.
  • Conferences, which are the object of peace in Europe and the world and the solution of conflicts in the XXI. Century.
  • Foundation of an European Franz Stock award.
A „political“ meeting place in the actual sense of this word, to become a center of reflection, culture and reminiscence, all this aimed at for the former „Seminary behind barbed wire“, in order that at long last a „Europe of the spirit“ can take shape in the service of civilization for peace, as desired by the „most significant foundation personalities“ of the seminary, like Edmond Michelet or the apostolic nuncio, Monseigneur Roncally and last but not least also by Franz Stock.


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