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The preservation of the ancient camp and especially of the camp chapel of the barbed wire seminary in Le Coudray near Chartres (Biography of Franz Stock, Barbed Wire Seminary) has been, for a long period of time, an aspiration of the three Franz Stock committees in Germany and France. It has been their aim to purchase the premises, to restore the old camp chapel, a monument to be protected, and to create an European Meeting Place in the spirit of the German-French friendship treaty. The project was deadlocked for a longer period of time pending clarification of the future ownership title for the (former) military area as well as the question of a joint concept for its use and in particular its overall financing:

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The Franz-Stock-Committee for Germany, German/French Association Arnsberg Inc., Hauptstr. 11, 59755 Arnsberg is approved as a non-profit-making organization. This organization is authorized to issue Donation Certificates for contributions received for their project (Promotion of international conviction and tolerance in all fields of culture and the idea of intercourse of all people on earth).

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